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It is crucial to understand the condition of your building at high level, as unidentified defects in these areas can cause a multitude of problems. It can be difficult to fully understand the condition at high level due to access restrictions and health and safety concerns. Our MaintenanceBooker contractors can safely carry out a comprehensive condition inspection of your building’s out-of-reach areas.

Following the survey, the Supplier would complete a detailed written report to include summaries of the basic condition of the high-level areas; detailed descriptions of any identified defects along with accompanying photographic evidence. This report will allow customers to create further job requests through MaintenanceBooker for any follow-on repair works required. 

We strongly recommend that you inspecting architect is consulted to ensure that the survey results support your quinquennial inspection or condition survey process.

A basic condition survey / inspection of high-level areas of the building could include but is not limited to an examination of the following:

  • Condition of roof, including roof tiles, slates or other roof coverings
  • Condition of flaunchings, flashings and creasings
  • Condition of eaves, fascia boards, soffites, rainwater goods
  • Condition of eaves, fascia boards, soffites, rainwater goods
  • Condition of louvres
  • Condition of leadwork

A High Level Inspection service report can be used to gain further quotes through MaintenanceBooker for any Follow on Repairs that have been identified and recommended by the supplier. For further information on how to use your High Level Inspection service report please see Step 5 on our How it Works page.

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