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Do I have to pay to use the MaintenanceBooker service?

No. The good news is that it is free to register on MaintenanceBooker and request no obligation quotes.

How can MaintenanceBooker help me to save money?

MaintenanceBooker can help to save your money, as well as your time, through its competitive tendering system. A number of local and national contractors are invited to bid for jobs, and the customer is free to select the most advantageous bid.

Grants may be available from NCT.

Preventative maintenance can save you money on expensive repair bills. Our qualified and experienced contractors can undertake work to fix minor problems before they become large ones, and can also identify defects to your building which may require further works.

Is MaintenanceBooker available in my area?

MaintenanceBooker is available to churches, chapels, meeting houses, schools and historic buildings throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The MaintenanceBooker service was initially launched as a pilot in Yorkshire during 2017 with funding provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund. This pilot allowed us to test systems and operating policies before developing plans to offer the service in other regions.

What levels of registration are available on MaintenanceBooker?

  • When registering for an account on MaintenanceBooker you will be able to select the registration level that best suits your needs. The capabilities of each registration level are described below and are also repeated on the registration page.
  • There are currently three levels of registration available on MaintenanceBooker:

  • Administrator (Single-Site) - Level 1
  • Administrator (Multi-Site) - Level 2
  • Super User - Level 3
  • Administrator (Single Site) - Level 1
    • Registration level 1 will allow you to book a one off job at a single site for any of your buildings.
    Administrator (Multi-Site) - Level 2
    • Registration level 2 will allow you to simultaneously book multiple-site jobs for more than one building and also set them up to be recurring over a period of time.
    Super User - Level 3
    • Registration level 3 is reserved for individuals who are already formally employed in high positions of responsibility for the care of buildings in their organisation. Super Users have the same capabilities as level 1 and level 2 users, but in addition will be able to monitor all MaintenanceBooker activity and view service reports related to buildings in their organisation.
    • Super User registration requests are subject to high level security checks before full authorisation can be granted.
    Authorisation Process
    • If you have selected registration level 1 or 2 you will be able to login to your MaintenanceBooker account immediately and start the process of requesting quotes from suppliers for the service you require. Once our customer service team have authorised your registration you will be able to submit your requests to suppliers.
    • Customers registering as Super Users can also immediately login to their accounts and create quote requests but they will not be granted monitoring capabilities until the customer service team have conducted a number of further security checks.
    Upgrade Your Registration Level
    • Once you have successfully registered for MaintenanceBooker it is possible to request an upgrade to a higher level of registration. e.g from level 1 to level 2 or from level 2 to level 3. Upgrade requests can be made once you have logged in to your account. Requests to upgrade to Super User level 3 can only be granted following succesful higher level security checks have been conducted by the customer service team.

    Are grants available to help pay for MaintenanceBooker jobs?


    If your MaintenanceBooker job is at a Christian place of worship, The National Churches Trust have several grant programmes which might be able to offer financial support. To find out more about the grants available please see here. There may also be other funders who could help support you with the cost of MaintenanceBooker jobs. You can find other support organisations here.

    Do I need special permissions to carry out maintenance services on my building?

    Special permissions may be required from your organisation or governing body before certain types of maintenance or repair work can be carried out; especially if your building is Grade I, II* or Grade II listed. For further advice on whether you may need to obtain any necessary permission please visit our guidance articles in the "Useful Links for Customers" area of our Maintenance Resources Pages

    What buildings can use MaintenanceBooker?

    The good news is that MaintenanceBooker can be used by churches, chapels, meeting houses, other related church buildings, schools, and other types of historic buildings.

    How do I select a contractor?

    • Login to your MaintenanceBooker account and select Request A Quote.
    • Complete a Quote Request for the service that you require following the on screen instructions and send your completed request to the MaintenanceBooker contractors.
    • Contractors who are registered to deliver the service you require, within your geographical area, will submit a no obligation quote to your MaintenanceBooker account within 7-14 days.
    • You can review all quotes, information about each contractor and their customer satisfaction ratings, before deciding which contractor is best suited to your requirements.

    How are MaintenanceBooker contractors managed?

    MaintenanceBooker contractors are appointed to deliver their services following a robust, open tender process. They are contracted for 4 years to deliver the services and their performance is regularly reviewed by the procurement team at 2Buy2.

    Although the contractors do not have to pay a registration fee to be part of MaintenanceBooker they are charged a small amount per service to help cover the cost of the MaintenanceBooker supplier review process.

    This charge also enables 2Buy2 to provide a dedicated customer service line for MaintenanceBooker customers.

    Are MaintenanceBooker contractors qualified to deliver maintenance services?

    Yes. The contractors on MaintenanceBooker have been vetted through an open tender process overseen by 2buy2. The selection process included questions about the contractors experience working with churches, any relevant qualifications, and references from completed works. We also ask clients to rate the contractors after each visit, allowing you to see what other churches felt about the service provided in terms of value for money, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction.

    All contractors are asked to provide details of their experience and skills during the tender vetting process. In some cases we require the contractor to be registered with a professional body or to have received professional accreditation from a recognised organisation to give further assurances on the quality of the service they provide.

    Please see a few examples below of the types of accreditations and registrations we ask for:

    Lightning Protection System Inspections

    Contractors delivering this service are required to be registered with either: Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), or The Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists (ATLAS)

    Tree Surveys/Inspection

    Contractors delivering this service are required to be Arboricultural Association Registered Consultants

    Tree Maintenance Service (Surgery)

    Contractors delivering this service are required to be Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors

    Rainwater Goods Maintenance Plus Service

    Contractors delivering this service should possess an acceptable health and safety accreditation e.g. CHAS

    Asbestos Managament Services

    Contractors delivering these services must be accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

    Accreditation by UKAS means that certification bodies have been assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability.

    High level and minor masonry inspection, surveys, maintenance, and repairs

    Contractors delivering this service should possess an acceptable health and safety accreditation e.g. CHAS as well as recommended membership from one of the following organisations – Stone Federation of Great Britain, The Guild of Master Craftsmen, Construction Skills Certification Scheme – Heritage CSCS Gold Card Operative, NFRC – National Federation of Roofing Framework Suppliers, FMB – Federation of Master Builders, NFB – National Federation of Builders or DSWA – Dry Stone Walling Association.

    Are all contractors insured?

    Yes. All contractors on MaintenanceBooker have been carefully vetted through an open tender process. Checking that contractors have adequate and appropriate insurance for the services they are delivering is an important part of the vetting procedure.

    What do I do if I am not happy with the service provided?

    Initially you should contact the contractor who delivered the service to raise any complaints about the quality of the work.

    If your issues cannot be resolved by the contractor, then you can contact the MaintenanceBooker team directly to raise a complaint at We will follow up with the contractor to resolve the issue. We will monitor the quality of contractor work and reviews and remove any contractor with unsatisfactory service from the site.

    We would request that you also use the customer ratings system to demonstrate that you were not satisfied.

    The customer ratings system will become availabile to you before you receive your service report.

    Who is 2buy2, and how are they involved?

    2buy2 is a procurement business for UK businesses, charities, schools and churches, enabling their clients to reduce costs and save time. 2buy2 have relationships with ecclesiastical denominations across England and Wales, and many other organisations and businesses. They deliver professional procurement services by MCIPS qualified individuals with years of experience within the church sector.

    Who should I contact for more information?

    If you need help using the system at any stage, you can contact the friendly Customer Services team at 2buy2 on 0330 058 3951 or by emailing Alternatively for instant help during normal working hours, you can use the Live Chat box to speak to a member of the Customer Services team. This box shows up on the bottom right-hand side of all pages on the website.

    For information and guidance on National Churches Trust grants, you can refer to their website, or contact them by emailing or phoning 020 7222 0605.

    How do I view the invoice one my job has been completed?

    • Log into MaintenanceBooker.
    • Click on Job Management.
    • Filter the option to “Jobs completed and report received”.
    • Under your job reference click on “Load Report”.
    • Fill out and submit the short supplier rating form.
    • Once that is completed, you can return to the job reference and your invoice will be available to view/download.