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It's well known that tall buildings attract lightning and for centuries the spires of religious buildings have dominated our skylines, making British Churches particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes. If your church is struck by lightning the resultant damage may not only be structural, e.g. falling masonry, but could also affect the internal electrical wiring and equipment in your church.

Your building's Lightning Protection System (LPS) will not only protect the building but also the electrical systems and equipment by directing the electrical energy within a strike down to earth where it can be discharged safely. Thus it is important that your building's LPS is tested at regular intervals by a competent contractor to ensure that it is still effective and offering your building maximum protection.

MaintenanceBooker contractors are members of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractint (NICEIC) and /or ATLAS (Association of Technical Lightning and Atccess Specialists). All are specialists in LPS installations as well as routine inspections. 

What you can expect if you book this service:

  • A visual inspection of all accessible areas of your building’s Lightning Protection System (LPS)
  • Testing of the LPS using an appropriate method of testing for the design of your system and in accordance with the relevant British Standard (i.e. BS:6651:1999 or BS EN 62305)
  • Testing of all visible and non-visible parts of the LPS (including the Upper LPS network)
  • A test report with a record of individual and overall resistance values and a statement as to whether your system is compliant or non-compliant
  • If your LPS is non-compliant the test report will detail the defects and recommended any follow on works required to make your LPS compliant. You will then be able to use your detailed report to obtain further supplier quotes through MaintenanceBooker for the repairs.
  • Photographic evidence of identified defects/physical damage (wherever possible)

It is highly recommended that consultation with your church's QI architect is sought prior to any LPS installation work or follow-on repairs.

Find out how to apply for a grant to help to pay for your lightning protection system follow on works by visiting our Grants page now. 

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