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Following an inspection of your building, you may be required to book a repair service to remedy any defects identified at high level. If left unresolved, defects at high level can cause a multitude of problems at your building including water ingress. It is important to act quickly to minimise damage to your building, and to ensure it is kept watertight. 

Carrying out maintenance and repair jobs at high level can be complex and dangerous, therefore it is vital that any maintenance work is carried out by a qualified professional adhering to appropriate regulations for working at height. All of our contractors are required to comply with guidelines and regulations for undertaking Height & Rope access works.  

It is also important to ensure that the work has been recommended as necessary in a recent report or survey. If you are booking repairs for a church, you will need to ensure you have sought any necessary permissions from your governing body. We strongly recommend that a conservation architect is involved in preparing the schedule of works.

A High Level Maintenance/Repair service could include but is not limited to the following:

  • Replacement/Repair of missing/broken roof tiles, slates or other roof coverings
  • Repair/Replacement of loose/missing flaunchings, flashings and creasings
  • Repair/Replacement of broken/loose/missing eaves, fascia boards, soffittes, rainwater goods
  • Removal, unblocking, re-fixing of downpipes
  • Repairs/replacements of gutter linings
  • High level repointing work e.g. roof tower
  • Repair of blocked, damaged and failing lead work
  • Structural "making-good" of chimney-stacks, finials, other stonework at high level and repointing of masonry for these areas.

Find out how to apply for a grant to help to pay for your High Level Maintenance service by visiting our Grants page now.

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