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    About MaintenanceBooker

    How to Register on MaintenanceBooker

    How to Request Quotes on MaintenanceBooker

    Useful Advice on Rainwater Goods Maintenance

    Tackling Asbestos in Kirkdale

    Choosing the right mortar

    Trees, vegetation and churches

    Water ingress is bad for your church

    Masonry and mortar

  • Take a look at our database of maintenance-related photographs from church buildings across the country, including examples of defects caused by lack of routine maintenance.

    Rainwater Goods Maintenance

    Vegetation in hopper head
    Vegetation in drain
    Vegetation growth around hopper head gargoyle
    Vegetation blocking gutter
    Vegetation blocking gutter(1)
    Gutter blocked with vegetation
    Extensive vegetation growth in gutter
    Blocked downpipe
    Damp caused by blocked downpipe
    Downpipe with leaves in gutter
    blocked valley gutter
    Extensive neglect of rainwater goods
    Blocked downpipe causing staining
    blocked gutter 2
    Blocked downpipe causing damp and vegetation to grow

    Lightning Protection

    Tower with lightning conductor
    Rusted lightning conductor
    Old lightning conductor
    New lightning conductor
    Dusty lightning conductor

    Tree Risk Assessments and Surveys

    St Stephen the Marytr, Wolverhampton tree survey. Landscape Planning
    St Stephen the Marytr, Wolverhampton tree survey. Landscape Planning 3
    St Stephen the Marytr, Wolverhampton tree survey. Landscape Planning 2

    Tree Surgery Maintenance Services

    Asbestos Surveys and Removal


    Masonry and High Level Services


Film and Photographs

Take a look at our collection of videos and photographs to help you in identifying potential problems with your building and how they can be addressed.

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News and Advice

Keep up-to-date with the latest developments of MaintenanceBooker and access help and advice on the services we offer

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Useful Links

Other useful material regarding all aspects of church and historic building maintenance for users and suppliers of maintenance services

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